Self Care: How councils are helping people look after themselves


The Local Government Association has updated its 2016 self care guide “Helping people to look after themselves” with a publication “Councils helping people look after themselves” containing a series of self care case studies; several of these highlight how councils are collaborating with local agencies such as clinical commissioning groups, businesses, schools and charities to empower people to better look after their own physical health and mental wellbeing.  The Self Care Forum is delighted to see five exemplary case studies showcasing Self Care Week programmes, several of which are past winners of the Self Care Forum awards.

The publication begins with a statement on why self care is important:

Whatever the situation, there is one thing all people who self care have in common: they feel empowered and confident to take responsibility for their own health. Not only is this good for the individual, it is also important for the health and care system which is under more strain than ever.”